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Main arguments (latest versions)

1. Arguments against Christianity:

A Moral Case against Christianity

This is the most recent and thorough version, published on Google drive (it's too long for a blog post).

2. Replies to arguments for theism:

2.1. Metaethical arguments:

A Reply to William Lane Craig's “Moral Argument”

Another Reply to Craig's “Moral Argument”

This second reply is somewhat shorter than the previous one, but more recent, and some of the objections are developed in greater detail. It's written in a different format – as a hypothetical debate between a defender of the metaethical argument, and an opponent.

Metaethical arguments in general

Note: this reply is out of date; some of the arguments would need upgrading.

2.2. Cosmological arguments:

A Reply to the Kalam Cosmological Argument

A Reply to Theistic Arguments from Contingency

2.3. Other theistic arguments:

A Reply to Swinburne's case for the existence of God

This post addresses Swinburne's case for theism, focusing on a reply to his metaethical views, which leads to a rejection of the whole case on probabilistic grounds. (note: this reply is out of date; some of the arguments would need upgrading).

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