About this blog

As On this blog, I post some replies to theistic arguments, and/or arguments against theism, Christianity, etc.
Here, I'd like to add:
1) I don't claim that any of the ideas on which my posts are based are novel:
Most arguments for and against theism are pretty old, and most of the ideas on which I base my posts have also been around for at least several years, and often more.
On the other hand, in a few cases, I've not seen the ideas in question elsewhere, but it may well be that someone else came up them earlier, and I'm just not aware of that.
So, in short I claim no novelty of any of the ideas on which I base my arguments – only the way in which I express those ideas is original.
2) My posts tend to be long. (in fact, some of the arguments turned out to be too long, and could only be posted with some errors or not even that. So, I also published some of the arguments here.)
3) On the issue of copyright, I leave what I post here in the public domain. 
The only exceptions are, for obvious reasons, quotes from other works over which I have no copyright: I will sometimes quote short excerpts under the fair use doctrine and for the purposes of commentary and/or criticism, or quote from sources that are already in the public domain, like the World English Bible.